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Notifying The Receiver Of Claims

The Receiver is in the process of identifying and recovering  assets of the Receivership Estate and identifying potential claims against it.  The Receiver is also collecting data related to communications that have been received by the Estate.  The Receiver anticipates that this process will take significant time.  Upon completion of this process, the Receiver will provide notice of all claims indentified by him.  If you would like to provide notice of your potential claim to the Receiver, instead of relying upon the Receiver's notice in the formal claims objection process, the Receiver has provided a form which can be submitted to the Receiver online.  The form will require that you provide your name, contact information, a description of your claim, and the amount of your claim.

The Online Claim Form is available through this link. 

Other claims-related communications should be directed to claims@KCMreceivership.com .

Submitting a notice of claim does not determine whether or when that you will receive funds.  The process of recovering assets and funds belonging to the Receivership Estate and converting recovered assets to cash will take significant time.  Following this process, the Receiver will be in a position to propose a Plan of Distribution to the Court which will detail proposed distributions to claimants from assets recovered by the Receiver.  At this time, the Receiver cannot predict when claimants should expect a response to their claims, however, the Receiver will periodically update this website as his work progresses.