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3/29/2011 SEC v. Frishberg


On Friday March 25, the SEC filed its civil injunction action against Daniel Frishberg, and Mr. Frishberg consented to the entry of the relief sought by the Commission.  Pursuant to the settlement, and to orders which will be entered, Mr. Frishberg will be permanently enjoined from violations of the Investment Advisers Act. He will also be required to pay a civil penalty of $65,000. Mr. Frishberg has consented to a permanent bar from association with any registered investment advisor.

Pursuant to the settlement agreement, the $65,000 penalty to be paid by Frishberg will be transferred to the Receivership Estate for the benefit of investors. However, this will not limit the ability of the Receiver to seek further monetary relief from Mr. Frishberg in addition to the amount to be paid as a penalty. A press release announcing the settlement can be found at the following the link below, as well as the SEC’s court filings in the matter.

Press Release


Court Filings

SEC v. Daniel Frishberg; Case No. 4:11-cv-1097


Unopposed Motion to Enter Agreed Final Judgment

Certificate of Interest Parties